World's cheapest electric scooter launched, price only 45,850

The world's least expensive electric scooter has been introduced in the market. Along with its attractive looks, it has the capability to cross hilly terrains as well.

Its price is Rs 45,850, and due to rising petrol prices, people are now getting attracted towards electric vehicles.

A new chapter has begun in the production of electric scooters, Detel has launched its cheapest scooter Easy Plus in the market.

The price of this electric scooter is only Rs 45,850, and it is being called the world's cheapest electric scooter because of this price.

It is worth noting that keeping in mind the excellent performance of this electric vehicle in the market, Detel, the country's leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has introduced a new model in this segment.

The company has perfected the Detel Easy Plus, an economical electric moped for the Indian consumers.